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ECB Update on Vetting & Barring

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We have recently received a few queries regarding the announcement today from Nick Clegg in relation to the Freedom Bill.

The Government commissioned a review to consider if there was a need to remodel the Vetting and Barring Scheme / CRB process. The ECB, along with other sports, have been involved in various consultations with the Government, ISA and CRB over the winter and contributed as fully as possible to the review. The outcome of this review was announced this morning by Nick Clegg to indicate that there will be changes to simplify the vetting process for people working with children and vulnerable adults. However, it was also stated that changes are at least 18 months away and that there will be further consultation on this before the summer. The ECB will be involved in any further consultations.

Once final and agreed changes are distributed by Government following this second consultation, the ECB will consider the changes and at that time, we will review how or IF we would need to make any changes to our processes and these will be communicated to ALL cricket.

Until then, the current CRB and ECB vetting process continues as normal.

For full details of the announcement, please go to the CRB website:

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