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JustGiving for Sports Clubs

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JustGiving have teamed up with Sport England and the CCPR to bring our service to Community Amateur Sports Clubs, also known as CASCs for free!

How can JustGiving help your club?
· You can raise money more easily, quickly and efficiently.
· We make claiming Gift Aid easy, as we do all the administration for you.
· HMRC have estimated that only 10% of CASCs are utilising their ability to claim Gift Aid!
· Our payments are weekly, so you know when they are coming, and can plan ahead.
· Access to your fundraising data, at any time, easily.
· Free support from real people at the other end of the phone, for you and all your clubís givers.

If you are a sports club and you would like to learn more about becoming a CASC, why not visit, which is a website thatís devoted to keeping you informed as to all the benefits of your club receive by becoming a CASC, like being able to claim Gift Aid on all your donations!


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