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The Isle of Wight Association of Officials is running a Level 1 Scorers Course in the New Year.

Dates: Feb 24th March 3rd, 10th, 17th 7 24th (Must attend all dates)
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: £30 includes membershipto ACO
Venue Newclose CCG

To Book please send in cheque and Booking Form attached below.

More information and an outline of the course can be found below

Level 1 is intended to demonstrate the fundamental information needed for any scorer to progress. The two key objectives all students will need to have a comprehensive understanding of are the Laws of Cricket and how these laws affect the score sheet entries.

For students to gain an understanding of the integral factors that affect scorers, Level 1 will require the student to be capable of scoring at a club or school level with confidence and efficiency.

Scoring at this level will require scorers to be familiar with:

- The role that the scorer plays within the match and the essential duties and equipment that are necessary for any scorer to fulfil this role.

- All signals that are used by the umpire throughout the match and the consequential actions that are required from the scorer in response to these signals.

- The scoring system in terms of the runs given for different occurrences.

- dentifying delivery counts and knowing when the over is finished.

- Balancing runs achieved throughout the match both on the batting section of the scoring record and on the bowling section.

- The disparity between the Laws of cricket and specific regulations that are put into place.

- The basic understanding of all Laws relating to cricket, in particular scoring, and the impact and potential restrictions that could affect the entries within the scoring record.

To complete Level 1 scorers should also have a basic knowledge of:
- Which umpire has control over the dismissal of a batsman under Laws 30-39? Which dismissals the bowler receives credit for? Is the dismissal possible if a no ball or wide is called? How many runs are accrued and what is the correct method of completing the scorebook?

- When the ball is in play and is dead and the impacts of this on the score sheet.

- Byes and leg byes and what is meant by them and the implications that they have on the score sheet.

- The meaning of a completed innings.

- Where there are cases of unfair play and how this may result in the award of penalty runs.

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