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Speak Up Against Surface Water Charges

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The ECB have been directly fighting a major campaign against unfair surface water charges, particularly for those clubs in Cornwall as certain Water Utility Companies targeted sports clubs in an apparent attempt to set a precedent.

Whilst the ECBs campaign was largely successful (and the support from some South Western counties in particular was vital in achieving this). Boards and Clubs now have the opportunity to influence legislation through a consultation exercise being conducted by DEFRA.

The ECB strongly urge you to mobilise your Club to respond to this consultation (through CDGs, direct email etc) the potential impact on Clubs cannot be underestimated, if the water companies were to get their undoubted wish to re-introduce the charges. Some Clubs were facing financial disaster as water bills rose from hundreds of pounds to several thousand overnight.

All the details are as follows:
The Government is inviting views on its guidance to water and sewerage companies on concessionary schemes for community groups to protect them from unaffordable surface water drainage charges, to accompany provisions made in the Flood and Water Management Act. It covers the need for a concessionary scheme, which community groups should be included in concessionary schemes, what constitutes a fair and affordable charge and the needs of other customers.

The consultation is aimed at water and sewerage companies, Ofwat, the Consumer Council for Water, community and voluntary groups and other non-household water and sewerage customers.

The deadline for responses is 22 October and further information on how to respond to the consultation can be found at -
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