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U12 Indoor Cup

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5 May 2017 Newport U12s v. Ryde U12s:Newport Won by 68 Runs card
4 March 2016 Ryde Cavaliers U12s v. Ventnor U12s:Newport Won the U12 Indoor Cup By 61 Runs card
6 March 2015 Bembridge U12s v. Ryde Cavaliers U12s:Ryde Cavs By 5 Wkts card
16 January 2015 Bembridge U12s v. Porchfield Bakeries U12s:Bembridge won by 25 runs card
7 March 2013 Ventnor U12s v. Ryde Cavaliers U12s:Ryde Cavaliers Won By 59 Runs card
15 February 2013 Dan\'s Dare Devils v. WightAgents:Dan's Dare Devils Won by 4 Wkts card
8 March 2013 Ryde Cavaliers I v. Ventnor I:Vetnor Won By 27 Runs card
20 April 2012 GKN v. RYde Cavaliers:Ryde Cavaliers Won By 95 Runs card
13 April 2012 Ryde Cavaliers I v. IW Girls:Ryde Cavs Won card
30 March 2012 Ventnor I v. IW Girls:IW Girls Won By 5 Runs card
23 March 2012 GKN v. Newport:GKN won by 5 Wkts card

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