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2014 OSCA's

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As another year passes, the cricket network becomes bigger and as a result, we have amassed more excellent volunteers working to ensure that cricket continues to thrive in a number of different formats and environments.

NatWest OSCAs aim to reward the contribution that these volunteers make to the game. We welcome nominations for volunteers from the traditional cricketing environments (clubs, leagues, boards) but in addition to this, we would like to recognise volunteers from emerging environments such as Higher and Further Education, Community Programmes, Workplaces and Recreational Park Leagues.

The 7 NatWest OSCAs nomination categories remain the same and are as follows:

􀂾 Behind the Scenes
􀂾 Building Partnerships
􀂾 Leagues and Boards
􀂾 Lifetime Achiever
􀂾 NatWest CricketForce
􀂾 Officiating – Umpires and Scorers
􀂾 Young Volunteer

Following on from this page is the judging criteria for all of the above categories; the characteristics and achievements that separate some nominees from the others. You will note that there are some slight changes to the criteria to reflect the importance of retaining and increasing participation levels in cricket, and also the points system to make sure the ‘wow factor’ is given stronger weighting. The criteria differs within each category but a minimum standard that all of the nominations must show is outlined below:

Evidence in the nomination form of the criteria having been achieved

Evidence that the person has had a positive and sustainable impact on their club/organisation

A demonstration of the volunteer going ‘beyond the call of duty’ and exceeding expectations for the good of the club/organisation/game of cricket

Evidence that the actions of the volunteer have aided the recruitment / retention of players within the game
An on-going commitment to the club/organisation and its members

2014 NatWest OSCAs Criteria
2014 NatWest OSCAs Nominiation Form

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