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2015 Small Grant Scheme - Supported By Waitrose

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The aim of the ‘EWCT Small Grant Scheme 2015 – Supported by Waitrose’ is to create a sustainable future for affiliated cricket clubs. The Scheme will support clubs to make small changes to improve their long term sustainability and / or to increase the number of games played.

The Isle of Wight Cricket Board has been given £10,000 to support eligible projects.

The Scheme is open to all affiliated Cricket Clubs (subject to CCB support).

Clubs will need to have the following:
• A Constitution
• Valid Buildings, Contents & Public Liability Insurance
• Security of Tenure

Clubs which received an award from the EWCT Small Grant Scheme 2014 are not eligible to reapply
in 2015.

Eligible Projects
The purchase of any relevant products or materials (and associated professional labour costs) under following project themes:

• Flat Sheet Covers
• Bowlers Run-up and Side Sheets
• Water removal equipment (only when combined with the purchase of covers)
• Mobile Cover

Kitchen / Social Area – NEW for 2015 - Supported by Waitrose
Fixtures and fittings, including but not limited to:
• Cabinets / Units
• Worktops / sinks / taps
• Electrical appliances (White Goods / Drinks Coolers / Extractors etc)
• Furniture – tables / chairs
• Tiling / Splash Backs

Outdoor Social Area – NEW for 2015 - Supported by Waitrose
Building materials and associated items, including but not limited to:
• Patio or Decking area
• BBQ (fixed not portable)
• Furniture – tables / chairs

Energy Consumption
Energy efficient / energy saving devices or systems, including but not limited to:
• Insulation (roof and / or walls)
• Double / Triple Glazing
• Heating systems e.g. boilers, radiators, thermostats
• Solar Panel Electricity (Photovoltaic) systems or Solar Water Heating systems
• Lighting

Water Consumption
Water consumption / water saving devices or systems, including but not limited to:
• Rain water harvesting / conservation systems including water collection systems
• Flush reduction toilets / devices
• Aeration devices e.g. water saving shower heads or taps
• Reduced tap flow devices e.g. self-closing (non-concussive) taps / showers

Flood Defence Measures

Amount of Award
Between £1,000 (min) and £4,000 (max) per application.

When calculating the total project cost, delivery and VAT should be included.

Please note that the amount of award granted may differ from that requested on the application form.

Whilst each CCB is given a pre-determined budget for use on its own Clubs, EWCT reserves the right to determine the final award amount.

Important Note: The Scheme may not be used to retrospectively fund projects / purchases.

Partnership Funding
A minimum 10% contribution will be required from the Club.

Note: For the minimum award of £1000, the total project / purchase cost must be £1111 (or above) to allow for the 10% club contribution, for example:

Total Project / Purchase Cost: £1,111
Partnership Funding (min 10%): £ 111
Award: £1,000 (Eligible)
Total Project / Purchase Cost: £1,000
Partnership Funding (min 10%): £ 100
Award: £ 900 (Ineligible)

Partnership funding may be provided by way of a loan from the EWCT Interest Free Loan Scheme. For more information, please direct Clubs to

Excluding the EWCT Interest Free Loan Scheme, the Small Grant Scheme cannot be partnered with any other ECB or EWCT capital funding programme.

Key Dates
Monday 12 January 2015 - The Scheme will open to applications

Friday 6 March 2015 - Closing date for applications to be submitted by Clubs to CCBs for consideration

Friday 20 March 2015 - Closing date for CCBs to determine which applications to support and to submit to EWCT for processing

Please read the guidance notes for the scheme carefully before applying or contact Stuart to discuss you scheme.

Club Guidance Notes
Small Grants Application Form
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