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Build Center Privilege Account Scheme Update

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As a cricket club registered onto the Build Center Privilege Account Scheme you will probably be aware that the business and assets of Build Center were acquired by Jewson Limited, a Saint Gobain company, on 4th November 2011.

Since then, Build Center has had to operate in a stand-alone period and the Privilege Account Scheme has continued as normal. We would like to thank you for your continuing support during this time.

The Build Center network is currently going through a conversion programme where they will be rebranded as either a Jewson or Gibbs and Dandy branch.

As a result, the Build Center Privilege Account Scheme will now be the Jewson Privilege Account Scheme.
How does this affect your CricketForce 2012 grant?
The scheme will continue as normal but it is important you read the information below to continue a smooth process:

- If you have already paid your £100 deposit and still have a balance to spend it will be transferred to a new Jewson or Gibbs and Dandy account when the branch is rebranded.

- If you still need to pay your £100 deposit to access your grant, then you just go to the branch nominated in your welcome pack with your deposit and your account will be activated.

- It is important you only use the Branch nominated in your welcome pack.

If you have any further questions you can contact any of our ECB support team:

For any other queries please contact Manni Nagra Marketing Manager on: 01926 705071 or
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