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Club Welfare Officer Name Change

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The Club Welfare Officer name is being changed to provide consistency across the network and to bring your title in line with the terminology used in all areas of cricket, other sports and external agencies, the ECB are recommending a change to Club Safeguarding Officer. This change will provide consistency in all areas of cricket and will align with external practices. The change will also include our County Welfare Officers who will be known as County Safeguarding Officers.

The ECB recognise that this will take some time to achieve. Amendments will be required to various policy and guidance documents. For example, Safe Hands documentation currently refers to the role of a welfare officer.  There may be a period of transition where both terms welfare and safeguarding, crossover, we hope this will not hinder the work you are doing in anyway. Please start by reviewing your policies and guidance and updating any references to Club Welfare Officer.

Your understanding and cooperation as to why we think the change is necessary is important to us. We hope you will find this a positive move which reflects a more responsible position to those both within and outside of cricket.

We would appreciate your cooperation in making this a smooth transition throughout the entire network.

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