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ECB Club Strategy

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The ECB Club Strategy seeks to find the balance between perceived future risks to cricket clubs and what are known areas of development required for sustaining and developing the game.

The work that underpins the ECB National Club Strategy sought to understand the dynamic nature of what influences a club and motivates people to progress towards a modern sporting offer within the community.

The ECB National Club Strategy is intended to form a broad road map from which more detailed plans can be drawn up to develop a sustainable cricket environment.

The document is broken down in to key sections as follows:

1. The current state of Club Cricket

2. The challenges facing Club Cricket

3. Using the strategy to build a sustainable future for Club Cricket

4. Support you can access to help your club turn the strategy in to action

5. Benefits of utilising the strategy

6. In conclusion: The future shape of Club Cricket

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ECB Club Strategy
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