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The England and Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT) Small Grant Scheme 2014 is open for this season. The Island has been allocated £4000 to distribute to club schemes meeting the criteria outlined in the guidelines. This year the scheme is open to all affiliated clubs and clubs only require partnership funding of 10% of the total project costs.

There are a number of changes to the scheme for this year and below outlines the key messages for clubs when applying : -

o Aim of the Scheme is ‘to create a sustainable future for affiliated cricket clubs’

o Specifically to improve clubs environmental sustainability and reduce operating costs

o Scheme is open to all affiliated crickets clubs

o ECB Clubmark Registration or Accreditation is not a requirement

o Eligible projects and ineligible projects

o Minimum and maximum award and the reduction in partnership funding to a minimum of 10%

o Specific timescales have been set to allow CCBs to promote and manage the Scheme locally. This cannot be amended by CCBs and are set across the whole country.

o A specific period has been set to allow CCBs to make decisions on which applications they wish to support and forward to the EWCT for final approval

Key Dates are: -
The Scheme will open to applications on Monday 3 March 2014.
All applications must be submitted to reach your CCB no later than Monday 19 May 2014.

Guidance Notes for Cricket Clubs

1. Aim
The aim of the England and Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT) Small Grant Scheme is to create a sustainable future for
affiliated cricket clubs. The scheme will support clubs to make small changes to specifically improve their
Environmental Sustainability and to reduce operating costs.

2. Applicant Eligibility
2.1 The Scheme is open to all affiliated Cricket Clubs. Please note that ECB Clubmark registration or
accreditation is not a requirement of this scheme.
2.2 Clubs who received an award from the EWCT Small Grant Scheme 2013 are not eligible to reapply in 2014.

3. Eligible Projects
3.1 The purchase of any relevant products or materials (and associated professional labour costs) that improve the Environmental Sustainability or that reduces the operating costs of cricket clubs, for example:
• Energy consumption / energy saving devices or systems, including but not limited to:
 Insulation (roof and / or walls)
 Double Glazing
 Energy efficient heating systems e.g. boilers, radiators
 Solar Panel Electricity (Photovoltaic) systems or Solar Water Heating systems
 Energy efficient lighting
• Water consumption / water saving devices or systems, including but not limited to:
 Rain water harvesting / conservation systems including water collection systems
 Flush reduction devices
 Aeration devices e.g. water saving shower heads or taps. Reduced tap flow devices e.g. self-closing taps
• Mobile Covers / Flat Sheet Covers / Water removal equipment. These can be combined to form one project
• Flood defence measures
3.2 The application must be for a single project only. However, applications will be considered for the purchase of more than one related item as part of one project, e.g. a package of covers and water removal equipment
or a range of energy saving devices, such as water saving shower heads and taps, etc.

4. Ineligible Projects
4.1 The Scheme is not intended to support larger scale capital projects, such as:
• pavilion and communal changing facilities
• non-turf practice facilities
• fine turf works
• land purchases
• drainage schemes

EWCT SGS14 Guidance Notes for Clubs – 24/02/14 2If funds are required for larger scale capital projects, please contact your County Cricket Board (CCB) for advice.

4.2 The Scheme is not intended to support other ‘ancillary’ products, such as:
• Mowers
• Rollers
• Score Boards / Boxes
• Sight Screens
• Ball-Stop Netting
If funds are required for ancillary projects, please contact your CCB for advice.
4.3 The Scheme may not be used to retrospectively fund projects / purchases.

5. Amount of Award
5.1 Between £1,000 (minimum) and £4,000 (maximum) per application.
5.2 When calculating the project cost, delivery and VAT should be included.

6. Partnership Funding
6.1 A minimum of 10% partnership funding will be required from the Club.
6.2 Partnership funding is the difference between the project / purchase cost and the amount of grant. It can be sourced from Club funds, other grant bodies, sponsorship or loans etc.
6.3 In-kind contributions will not be considered.
6.4 If successful, Clubs will be expected to complete their project/purchase within four months of the date of the Offer Letter so should not apply until they have sufficient partnership funding, or a reasonable expectation of obtaining sufficient partnership funding, to proceed within the time frame.
6.5 Partnership funding may also be provided by way of a loan from the EWCT Interest Free Loan Scheme. For more information, go to under the ‘Funding Support’ section.
6.6 Excluding Section 6.5 (above), the Scheme cannot be partnered with any other ECB or EWCT capital funding programme.

7. Timescales
7.1 The Scheme will open to applications on Monday 3 March 2014.
7.2 All applications must be submitted to reach your CCB no later than Monday 19 May 2014.

8. Planning Your Project
8.1 Careful thought should be given to your project, which can be a lengthy process. To assist with the planning
of your project, it is recommended that you read the ECB Guidance on Project Development at under the ‘Facilities’ section.
8.2 It is in the Club’s own interest to obtain official quotations from a minimum of two different Suppliers, although only the ONE that you intend to use needs to be submitted with the application, as this is what the
award offer will be based upon.
EWCT SGS14 Guidance Notes for Clubs – 24/02/14 3
8.3 Do not just submit the most expensive option to obtain a higher award unless you intend to proceed with it. If, at the time of submitting a claim, the final invoices are found to be lower than expected, the award amount will be reduced accordingly.
8.4 Also bear in mind that the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best for your needs.
8.5 Please be aware that projects that include changes to the external appearance of the pavilion or clubhouse
(e.g. solar panels), or engineering operations that require groundworks (e.g. the installation of a rainwater harvesting tank) may require planning consent. Clubs should contact their local Planning Office, at the
earliest opportunity, to obtain written confirmation of whether planning consent is required or not. Never assume that it will not be required - only the local Planning Office can confirm if it is or not. If planning
consent is required, the process can take on average 12 weeks for a decision.
8.6 If Clubs are in any doubt about the eligibility of their project, they should contact with their CCB for advice.

9. The Application Process
9.1 Application forms will only be available from CCBs.
9.2 Part 1 of the application form must be completed in full by the Club and then submitted, together with a copy
of the quotation from the preferred Supplier, to your CCB no later than Monday 19 May 2014.
9.3 All applications received by CCBs will be assessed by Monday 16 June 2014. If supported by the CCB, the applications will be forwarded to EWCT for ‘final approval’ and to be processed.
9.4 If an application is not supported, Clubs will be notified by their CCB.
9.5 The EWCT will only accept applications from CCBs and not directly from any Club.
9.6 Please note that the actual award offered may differ from that requested on the application form. EWCT
reserves the right to determine the final award amount and this will be confirmed in the Offer Letter to the Club.

10. What happens if the Application is successful?
10.1 EWCT will send an Offer Letter and an Acceptance Form to successful Clubs (by email), usually within 30 days of receipt from the CCB.
10.2 To accept the Offer, the Acceptance Form must be completed, signed and returned to the EWCT, within 30 days. Electronic copies will be accepted.
10.3 On receipt of the signed Acceptance Form by EWCT, a Claim Form will be issued (by email).
10.4 The Club will arrange completion of the project or purchase (within four months of the date of the Offer Letter).
10.5 On completion of the project or purchase, the Club may submit the Claim Form and supporting evidence
(either an invoice or official purchase order) to the EWCT. Electronic copies will be accepted).
10.6 Payment will be made direct to the Club Bank / Building Society account, by BACS transfer (unless otherwise stated), within 28 days of receipt. NB: Any changes to the project specification or Supplier after an award offer has been made must be notified to EWCT immediately as this may affect the amount of award. Failure to notify EWCT may result in the revised project / purchase being ineligible and the award being reduced or withdrawn in entirety. EWCT SGS14 Guidance Notes for Clubs – 24/02/14 4

11. Warranties and Waivers
11.1 The award is offered on an understanding that the conditions of the Scheme are met and that the estimated cost of the project / purchase is no less than indicated on the quotation. The EWCT reserves the right to
withdraw an award on whole or in part if it considers that the conditions of the Scheme or the conditions set out in the Offer Letter have not been met.
11.2 Where final expenditure is less than the quotation on which the award is based, the EWCT reserves the right
to reduce the award and to withdraw the award in entirety if the conditions are found not to have been met.
11.3 All awards will be granted by the EWCT in its absolute discretion. Not all applications will be successful even if all criteria set out above are met.
11.4 EWCT is not under any obligation to consider any proposal or application that it may receive and reserves the right to defer or reject a non-compliant application it considers does not comply with these terms.
11.5 EWCT reserves the right at any stage to change any or all of the requirements for qualification for an award and / or any terms and conditions relevant to the grant of any award to any Club.
11.6 This guidance note sets out an outline of the process for application and requirements to be fulfilled by a
Club prior to, or as a condition of, the grant of an award by the EWCT. This guidance is correct on the date on which it was printed.
11.7 Neither this guidance note nor any other information supplied by the EWCT (or its officers or agents)
constitutes a contract or an offer which is capable of acceptance by any Club. These guidelines do not contain any representation upon which any Club is entitled to rely at any time.
11.8 The EWCT (and its officers or agents) will not be responsible for any costs, losses or expenses which Clubs or
any other parties incur in the preparation and submission of applications or in complying with any of the mandatory requirements set out in this guidance note.

12. Contacts
The initial point of contact relating to this Scheme will be your CCB.

13. Useful Links
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