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IWCB 3 Month Update

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IWCB Three Monthly Report July 2012.

Very few people can remember a more disrupted season than the one we have experienced this year. One of our colts' cup finals has been re-arranged four times. Our thoughts must go to the groundsmen who have worked so hard to produce pitches only to have a fresh showers of rain ruin their work. Thanks go to Northwood, especially Jon and Ashley, for hosting the MCC game at the last minute. This turned out to be a very enjoyable and successful day.

The ECB has made its new bid for future funding from Sport England. An area all sports are being asked to look at is the number of active participants. Some sports have already lost some funding because of this issue. The ECB is trying to encourage many forms of cricket other than just the traditional Saturday afternoon type of game. You may have heard of street cricket and last man stand. On the Island we have a number of clubs not involved in league or cup cricket and just play social cricket, usually mid- week. To try to encourage and support all forms of social cricket we have reorganised the responsibility of some Board members. David Lloyd, who is a regular mid week cricketer is going to look at this area of Island cricket, not to control or dictate, but to see if we can help support their efforts to play cricket. We need to try to encourage people to continue to play cricket in any form they find convenient. Later in the year, at one of the development meetings, we will spend some time talking about how to retain our players, especially the 15 to 26 year olds.

As a result of the above change, we have asked Angus Robertson to take over from David as chair of County Teams. Hopefully, this will mean that we have all forms of cricket represented at Board level.

The one other position on the Board that we will need is a Media and Marketing person. Charlie Millington is doing this at present but is looking to pass on the position to someone younger. This is an important post and if you are interested and would like to know more please contact Charlie, Stuart Chatfield or me.

IWCB Information
Could you please make sure the information for your club/association is correct on the website. Any changes should be reported to the IWCB secretary as soon as possible. We will be sending out an up date of names in the next month. At the moment you can access club names through the page showing club facilities and teams and also the handbook page. The information on the club facilities page has not been updated and we are looking for ways to collate the two pages of names. We are also looking to make it quicker to access the information from the online handbook.

OSCAs Nominations
It is time for clubs and associations to consider nominating people for the OSCAs. There are seven categories;
Behind the Scenes Building Partnerships Leagues and Board
Lifetime Achiever Net West CricketForce Officiating- scorers and umpires
Young Volunteer.
More information will follow.

Graham Sprack Secretary IWCB.07866668405

Cricket Development Manager Report
Four clubs have been awarded small grants from the ECB to help finance developments at the club. Shanklin CC has secured £1300 to help replace all the old windows in the club house. Northwood CC is looking to purchase covers for the ground and were awarded £1100 towards them. Ventnor CC and Ryde Cavaliers CC have been award small amounts to help purchase ball stopping netting.

Ventnor have also taken an ECB interest free loan to purchase solar panel for the roof of the academy building. This will help keep the cost of lighting the academy down, meaning that hire prices will be kept to a minimum in the future.

The Isle of Wight College carpentry department students have built a picket fence for Shanklin CC which will be erected after the season by the club. It is a good example of working with local organisations to benefit cricket. The materials were purchased at discount through the Build Centre and their support of Natwest Cricketforce and labour was given by the college students. If any other clubs have projects that they may need help with from the college please let me know.

The Chance to Shine coaching programme is just coming to an end in schools. This year’s project has supported five clubs to go into local schools (19 Schools) and offer coaching to the students for up to 6 weeks. The scheme will also support clubs who offer to follow up the school sessions with coaching at their club.

A reminder to all clubs and organisations that are involved in the Summer Raffle the deadline for the return of tickets is Saturday 11th August. The draw will take place on the Monday 13th August and all winners will be notified directly as well as the names placed on the Board’s website and sent to the clubs/organisations participating.

Ryde CC will be working towards re-accreditation for their Club Mark

Stuart Chatfield CDM 07875195211

County Teams Report
County Age Group (CAG) Cricket
A seven week profiling phase pre Christmas 2011 was followed by a 12 week programme at U10/11 CAG, U13 CAG, U12/13 Development, U15 CAG and U17 CAG. Each side plays between 9 – 14 CAG fixtures and the development squad were involved in two fixtures Vs CAG U13 and Ventnor CC plus the opportunity to participate in the Bedford Festival
Less players have been required at each age group to be able to field sides this year to date. I believe this is down to the values and criteria set out, at the beginning of the year. There seems to be a good level of engagement from both players and parents across the programme. The message that commitment to training would be matched with opportunities in games has seemed to add value to IoW CAG cricket. We are trying to build a culture and environment where the emphasis is on team chemistry. This is a common thread throughout the programme and impacts directly on selection.

To deliver a co-ordinated and integrated programme, which develops the inclusion, credibility and competitiveness of IoW CAG cricket. Additionally to offer more opportunities to all to access more contact hours and higher quality coaching.

To develop the credibility, integrity and competitiveness of IoW CAG squads. To see an increase in players across the programme with the ability to perform the skills highlighted as essential to performance in CAG cricket.

EPP, Academy and SPP
12 players were nominated for the IoW 2011/12 EPP and Academy programme. 4 were selected for the EPP programme. The remaining players were involved in the academy programme. Both programmes worked together on a weekly basis and additionally were able to access one to one and two to one sessions with the PM. The four EPP players were also exposed to HCCC and their EPP environment. We also for the first time case conferenced all four players where the player, myself, parents and Steve Williams (ECB RPM) all participated in a debrief and programme planning session. This included their PCP, MTP, IoW TT, winter performances, lifestyle and dual aspirations. To enable continued contact time, the programme then evolved into the SPP and players were also able to access up age group squad sessions.

Isle of Wight cricket will run an academy programme alongside the nationally run EPP programme. The two programmes will run simultaneously to enable challenge between CAG cricketers and EPP cricketers.
There will be a profiling phase in November and December, selection will take place at Christmas. Summer CAG performances, Island League performances and end of season assessment plus results from the profiling in Nov and Dec will be considered in selection. EPP cricketers will be able to access weekly winter individual sessions and continued summer session in the form of SPP or older age group sessions.

To ensure that the IoW focus the resources it has on the right cricketers. Development of resources. Continued attendance at sessions, availability, character, self-awareness and honesty are key criteria. Deliver a programme that allows all who participate to access regular high quality coaching, increased contact time and ultimately deliver on their capability and produce consistent elite performances.

Increased contact opportunities for all EPP and Academy players to include involvement with the IW Academy XI. Introduction of an athletic development programme where both player and parent recognise the importance of its place in the programme and a player’s development.

Angus Robertson Chair CTC
Elliot Wilson Performance Director 01983 857763

Clubs’ Committee Report

This has been a rather stop/start season with many clubs not managing to play two weeks in a row. The season has not been helped by the ground problem for GKN. We would like to thank all the clubs for their help in hosting their games. I know GKN have appreciated your help.

The introduction of panel umpires for 1st division games seems to be working very well. Howard is preparing invoices for the payment of umpires by the clubs. The hope is that we will be able to expand this to the 2nd division.

The committee has met recently to discuss playing regulations and to propose some changes to them. Some ideas include extending the 25yard circle to 30 to bring in it line with other competitions in cricket, allowing 2hrs 45 min to bowl 45 overs and only three players outside the circle in the first 12 overs. If you have any suggestions for changes in regulations please let me know as soon as possible.

Hopefully the season can end in a blaze of sunshine and all the leagues and cups reach a conclusion.

Graham Cotton Chair Clubs 07815675078
Phil Rudd Secretary Clubs 01983 522082 …………………..
Tony Higgins Fixture Secretary 01983 615912

Colts Committee Report

The IOW Colts Committee was formed earlier this year to oversee developments and the running of colts cricket across the island. Clubs were asked for nominations and the current membership consists of Kate Barton, Simon Wratten, Simon Bligh, Elliot Wilson, Roy George and Stuart Chatfield (chair). The three meetings so far have involved:

• Establishing the U/14 indoor league
• Negotiating the problems surrounding GKN
• Considering post-code restrictions
• The structure of the U/11 league
• Organising the District competition.

Future agenda’s will include:

• Agreeing the IOW vision for Colts cricket
• 2013 league structure
• Establishment of an Academy side.

Minutes of the meetings are circulated to all clubs and topics for discussion are canvassed. In addition wider representation is welcome and anyone willing to become a member is asked to contact Stuart Chatfield for details.

Congratulations to Northwood on winning the under 15 cup and Ventnor for success in the under 13 cup.

Stuart Chatfield CDM 07875195211

We have plans to hold two Presentation Evenings this year. Dates have not yet been finalised but we are planning for some time in September. The County Teams will hold a BBQ plus the presentations on a Sunday afternoon. The Cup and League winners including colts’ competitions will be on a Monday evening as soon as the County Press awards have been finalised.
One reason for giving early warning of the awards is to try to allow us to make more of the event especially for the sponsors of the competitions. All award winners/and clubs will receive a personal invitation to the evening.

It is sad to report the death of Bruce Gilmore earlier in the year. While Managing Director at Island Waste, Bruce along with Denis Cooke, was a great supporter of Island Cricket. For many years the Company sponsored the MCC Match, however Bruce’s greatest legacy was to Youth Cricket. The Company sponsored the Schools Kwik Cricket Festival for 10 years and many of our top Island players, will probably have gone home wearing an Island Waste Kwik Cricket Festival “T Shirt” during their time at either Primary or Middle School. We will all miss his big hearted personality and MCC matches will never be quite the same.

Despite what the weather may do we will make every effort to see that competitions are completed. In these difficult days please give all the help you can to your groundsman. Without these people, we would not be playing any cricket.

Ron Cook
Chair IWCB
01983 613651
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