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Inspired to Play Grant For Clubs

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The “Inspired to Play” grant fund launches on Monday 10th May. The scheme aims to increase the number of children (boys and girls) and/or women participating in the game by supporting the delivery of new and/or enhanced recreational cricket activities in England and Wales during the months of June - September 2021.  The ambition is for as many clubs as possible to be open and welcoming new participants, especially kids and women, especially during the school summer holidays.

1. Aims
1.1 The “Inspired to Play” grant (the “Scheme”) aims to increase the number of children (boys and girls) and/or women participating in the game by supporting the delivery of recreational cricket activity for these user groups in England and Wales during the months of June - September 2021.
1.2 The Scheme is funded by the England and Wales Cricket Trust (EWCT), a wholly owned charitable subsidiary of England and Wales Cricket Board Limited (ECB).

2. Eligibility
2.1 The Scheme is open to ECB affiliated cricket clubs in England and Wales (each, a “Club”).
2.2 In order to apply for a grant under the Scheme, Clubs will need the following:
• Affiliation to ECB* via its County Cricket Board (CCB)
• Constitution, Articles of Association or equivalent governing document
• Valid Public Liability Insurance
• Recent Club bank statement (dated within past three months)
• Adoption of the ECB Safe Hands Policy
• To certify that all individuals carrying out roles in connection with the delivery of the project which require a DBS check have been obtained
*Includes Clubs affiliated to ECB nationally, via the African Caribbean Cricket Association (ACCA) or National Asian Cricket Council (NACC).

3. What the grant must be used for
3.1 If awarded a grant under the Scheme, the Club must use the grant to deliver cricket activity to one or more of the following groups:
• Children (boys and girls)
• Women
3.2 Types of recreational cricket activity that will be considered under the Scheme are as follows:
• All Stars Cricket or Dynamos Cricket
• Summer School programmes, such as camps for children
• Women’s Softball Activity
• Other recreational cricket activity delivered to one or more of the user groups outlined in section 3.1 above

4. Eligible Costs
Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, applications for the grant funding to be used towards costs that directly relate to the delivery of recreational cricket activity to one or more of the user groups outlined in section 3.1 above will be considered, as follows:
• Facility or venue hire
• Staff Costs (qualified coaches)
• Staff Costs (volunteer expenses)
• Admin and Project Marketing Costs
• Playing Equipment - Kwik Cricket, Softball, Hard Ball
• Coaching Equipment - Cones, Bibs, Bean Bags, Windballs
• T-shirts
• Trophies, Medals
• Catering – e.g. snacks, soft drinks, food for end of event BBQ
• Any other related expenditure

5. Ineligible Costs
• Funding of facilities (capital funding) projects e.g. a Non-Turf Match Pitch, large items of equipment such as covers, sightscreens or machinery such as mowers, rollers etc
• Purchase of non-essential goods / equipment e.g. bowling machines, AV equipment
• Projects that are already funded by ECB, EWCT (e.g. Funds4Runs) or any other third-party funding source (e.g. charities)
• Any other expenditure that EWCT deems inappropriate

6. Amount of Grant
6.1 Each application will be assessed on its own merit.
6.2 Clubs can apply for one or both elements of the grant under the Scheme, up to a maximum of £1,250, subject to eligibility, as detailed below:
• Children – £1,000
• Women – £250

7. Key Dates
• The Scheme will be open to applications from 10 May 2021
• The Scheme will close on 30 June 2021 (or when the funds run out, whichever is earlier)
• All projects must be completed by 30 September 2021

8. The Process - Application
8.1 Applications will be submitted via the Investment Management System (IMS) at
8.2 The Club will need to identify two contacts (authorised signatories) to act on its behalf for the project:
• Both contacts will need to have access to separate email addresses and will be required to create separate User accounts on IMS.
• Please see here for our “How to create an account” guide.

8.3 Once added to IMS, the Club and Contact registration details will need to be verified by the local County Cricket Board / Foundation– this may take up to seven days. Once verified, the Key Contact (i.e. the individual who created the IMS account) will be able to complete the online application form and upload all supporting documentation.

9. The Process - If Application is Successful
9.1 An Offer Letter will be issued by email, usually within 30 days of receipt of the Club’s completed application form.
9.2 To accept the grant, the two contacts (authorised signatories) of the Club will be required to electronically sign the Offer Letter (using the DocuSign process) within 30 days of the date of the Offer Letter.
9.3 Payment of the grant direct to the Club’s designated bank account will usually occur within 10 working days of receipt of the signed Offer Letter, provided that there have been no adverse changes to the status of recreational cricket activity in England and Wales that affect the contemplated project(s). If restrictions are imposed, EWCT reserves the right to delay payment until the planned recreational cricket activity is permitted to resume. Where EWCT exercises this right, payment will be issued to the Club’s bank account usually within 10 working days of permitted resumption.
9.4 Projects must be delivered and the grant must be spent in full by 30 September 2021.
9.5 The Club will be required to provide an evaluation report / case summary on the success of the project within two months of completion of the project. This will include, without limitation, outcomes, numbers impacted, photos, publicity etc., and any other information reasonably requested by, or on behalf of, EWCT.
9.6 Should further COVID-19 restrictions or related measures limit the planned activity the Club should arrange a suitable alternative delivery date. The EWCT reserves the right to approve or reject any alternative plan in its absolute discretion.
9.7 The EWCT reserves the right to require repayment of any proportion of the grant that has not been spent by 30 September 2021, in accordance with the terms of the Offer Letter.

10. Contacts
Should you have any queries relating to the Scheme or how to use IMS, please email:


Inspired Play Grants Guidance Notes
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