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Isle of Wight Cricket Challenge - Goes Live

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Sadly, here we are again. I was hopeful the IOW Cricket Challenge would be a 1 test wonder.

Happily though Kate Barton, the new Chair of IOW Cricket Board and her fellow directors have embraced the IOW Cricket Challenge and we now fall under the IWCB banner.

So firstly, please go and look at the IOW Cricket Challenge (IOWCC):
Icoachcricket - & on YouTube – Search ‘IOW cricket challenge’. Also, please (if you haven’t already) sign up to the IWCB Facebook and the IOW CC Instagram pages.

Please try and do as many of these as possible and send in clips and scores. As per usual Andrew Jasper will be doing the brunt of the work as our IT genius and will direct you in all of these details – please email with any queries.
I appreciate that a lot of the existing drills are outside and this time the weather is not on our side. So, we will be creating and sending out some indoor drills very soon (Parents we apologise upfront for this!).

These will be around catching and batting with some bowling technical drills. These will also have a scoring and competitive opportunity. There will also be a number of strength and conditioning drills to complete weekly. We will also set some tactical scenarios as well as some weekly physical challenges. There will also be a cricket quiz (I suspect parents will be very useful and competitive). As we did previously we are asking for video clips of successfully completed drills to be submitted either via Whatsapp to Jasper (07971762780) or via e-links or attached to emails to Where they will be collated, judged and used for scoring and leaderboards. These clips will be deleted after the score is recorded and all within 90 days of submission as per the IOW Cricket Challenge policy.

Also, as we are now under IOWCB they will go up on their social media as well as the Cricket challenge ones. Please don’t worry clips will only be shown with your permission.

Gray-Nicolls have once again kindly offered up some goodies for the top participants.
I will have a supply of tennis balls that can be picked up from my drive if people are struggling for them. However please contact me directly first. I also have a limited supply of plastic bats as well.

Most importantly we will also be available for a chat with any player (these will have to be with parents on the call and 2 coaches to maintain our safeguarding procedures). I am also keen to do a group Zoom type chat for the training groups. This hopefully gives you the opportunity to engage each other around cricket.

We are aware how hard this is for all of you. So please ask if there is anything you think we can provide that will help your children get through. I hope their enjoyment of cricket can give them some positives during this difficult time.

First challenge:
Identify your top 3 role models (doesn’t have to be a cricketer) and highlight what traits they display when challenged/under pressure.
Please email your answers to as soon as you can!
Sorry have to add this:
Please be aware anyone taking part does so at their own risk and IOWCB or its employees accept no liability for injury or breakages.
Please stay safe, go well.

Any questions please contact Andy Woodward
Train hard, play easy.

IW Cricket Challenge

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