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Dear Captain,

At the last League Committee meeting on the 19th March, considerable debate was had as to how we could make it easier for people to participate in league and cup cricket.

The main thrust of the discussion centred around the finishing time for matches, as it was felt the time at which matches were ending last season was restricting participation, because, for example, players had to get to work in the evening or wanted to enjoy time out with their families.

Hence, we considered a number of things, including an earlier start, reducing the number of overs, getting rid of teas, eight ball overs, not changing ends every over and having extra runs for wides and no balls instead of extra deliveries.

It was pointed out that an earlier start would cause significant issues for some clubs because some players work during the morning and already struggle to get to matches with the current start time.  It was felt that reducing overs would water down the game.  Reducing the time for teas or removing them completely was opposed because it would impact much needed income for some clubs and would also prevent umpires from having a rest.  The other ideas for shortening matches did not find favour either.

The result is that this current season will continue in a similar fashion to last year, with start times unaltered and 80 over matches.  Nonetheless, there are things which can be done to help speed up matches.  For example:

As a captain, please consider the above and use your influence to achieve an earlier end to matches which, if it helps retain and attract players, can only be good for cricket on the Island.


Martyn Richards.

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