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League and Cup Covid-19 Response

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Dear League and Cup Teams

Now we have entered Step 4 of the Covid-19 Guidance we would like to clarify the way forward until the end of the season or until there is any other changes to the guidance. It is important that we continue to keep everyone safe. Therefore we are recommending the following procedurers should be followed at all league and cup games.

Teas: Players continue to supply their own teas through to the end of the season.

Game Sanitising: Even through there is no requirement for this too happen now, there will be individuals who may wish to continue to sanitise throughout the game. Sanitiser should be placed behind the stumps at each end as has been happening and those that wish to sanitise can do. We recommend that this should continue every 6 overs/20 minutes.

Caps/Jumpers /Balls: These items will need to continue to be put behind the stumps (& will form part of the field of play) or placed over the boundaries. Umpires will not be holding onto these items for you. At the fall of a wicket etc the ball should continue to be placed at the base of the stumps & not passed to the umpire.

Following the guidance and the simple recommendation will hopefully keep everyone safe and playing cricket this summer.

Please circulate the message to the players at your club.

Covid-19 Update - 19th July Guidance

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