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Small Business Telecom Package

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Business Energy Direct are now pleased to offer to you the best small business telecom package in the market!

Donít think you can save money as you donít use the telephone much?

£104 year savings on line rental alone if you are still with BT, the equivalent of almost 6 months free line rental.

Business Energy Direct are your one stop shop for utilities and are always looking at new ways to help our valued customers save money. We are very pleased to be able bring you a fantastic new telecom product that will help your club reduce phone line and call costs by as much as 59%. Many clubs still use BT for line and call charges and are paying more than they need to. Why not take the free 30 day no obligation trial with Titan Telecom and start saving money right away!

Even if the club uses the line for incoming calls only then itís still worth changing from BT to Titan Telecom. The saving on that alone can pay for a box of cricket balls. Clubs that do have an element of call charging, can benefit from fantastic savings available on per minute call rates and calls are actually capped for the first hour as detailed below.

Did you know that BT are charging customers that do not pay by Direct Debit £43.20 per year extra!

If you have a second phone book entry you will be paying £89.52 for it!

If you rent a payphone from BT you could be paying between £211 and £624 per year for it!

We donít really use the phone so is it really worth it?
Absolutely! Even if the line is only used for incoming calls then the saving on line rental alone is £104 which can pay for a box of match balls.

How easy is it to switch?
Titan use BTís Openreach lines and Network so switching couldnít be easier. You will keep the same telephone number, no equipment is required and there will be no interruption to the service. The line transfer takes around 16 days.

What if we rent a payphone from BT as well as paying line rental and call costs?
We are advised that switching will not be a problem and that Titan will be happy to provide you with line rental and calls only. We would however advise that the club look at the actual amount being paid to BT per quarter (around £58) to rent the payphone, as there are much more cost effective options available elsewhere.

What if we arenít with BT and have services from another provider?
As brokers we would do as we always do and review your existing arrangement. If we identify potential savings and you arenít tied into an agreement with penalty clauses, then we will be happy to make arrangements with Titan for you. If you already have a binding contract then we can note your expiry date and return to you nearer the end of your contract.

We have a fax line and / or Red Care designated line, can we still switch?

Yes! The reduced line rental cost would apply to any Red Care or fax dedicated line and the reduced rate call charges applied.

We have a phone line with broadband, can we still use Titan and save money?

This will depend on your existing arrangement. Business Energy Direct do have a better combined Telecom & Broadband package available with another provider so please ask us for further information.

We donít have a phone line but we are considering one, can Titan arrange one for us?

Yes. Just ask us for further information.

We donít have a phone line but can you review our energy accounts?

Business Energy Direct have saved almost £500,000 for clubs to date. We would be happy to help assist. Call us to see what we can do.

Not convinced yet? Donít just take our word for it, see the testimonial below which was received earlier this week.

Witham Cricket & Hockey Club (Essex)
ďWe would like to thank Business Energy Direct for processing our most recent request in relation to changing our Telephone contract. Once again you have saved us a lot of money. In 2011 you saved our club around £300 and arranged new energy contracts for us. Your efforts have led to considerable and continuing savings for us, along with a rebate of £173 from BT.You did all the work free of charge to us too, making the whole process so painless. As a club we canít tell just how impressed we are with your efficiency and effectiveness. Long may our association with your company continue. Thanks once again.Ē

I want to sign up, what do I do next?
To start saving money right away all you need to do is forward a copy of a recent telephone bill and return the attached letter of authority. The letter gives us permission to access your existing account to establish if any formal contracts are in place. With frequent changes in committee personnel many clubs donít know if prior contract commitments already exist. We will be able to find this out for you.

Why not come and speak to us in person at one of the Cricket Club Expo events. We are exhibiting at Lords on Saturday the 26th January and Old Trafford on Saturday 16th February. We can save clubs money that you can spend with other exhibitors. To register for the event just go to the Expo website Click Here

For more information or to sign up for fantastic savings, contact us without delay!!


Greig Batty
Business Development Manager
office : 01709 578999
mobile : 07845 330300
fax : 01709 578999

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