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The Isle of Wight Association of Officials (IW ACO) will be offering two course this winter for anyone interested in learning more about Umpiring. Details of the courses are below, but if you are interested in attending either the Introductory or stage 1 course please email Janice Routledge on to express you interest.

Umpire Introductory

This short 2-4 hour standalone course will give any cricket enthusiast curious about becoming an umpire a taste for what the role entails, and outline what lies ahead if you would like to pursue your interest.

Date: 18th Jan 2020. Venue: TBC,

Umpire Stage One

This course is designed to give you an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. It will give you the tools to enable you to umpire matches at the basic recreational level where there are no independent umpires appointed. The course will be run over two dates and you will need to attend both dates to gain the full course detail.

Dates: 1st & 8th Feb 2020, Venue: TBC


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