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As you may be aware, seven water companies in the South and East of the country (Anglian Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Thames Water, Veolia Water Southeast, Veolia Water Central) are currently proposing to introduce a ban on the use of hosepipes from 5 April 2012.

Southern Water, which serves the Isle of Wight has applied for a drought order but is currently intending to introduce a hosepipe ban only in areas of Kent and Sussex. Southern water company is of course urging all customers to save water.

Should a ban be enforced on the Island, it will apply to “grass used for sport and recreation”. However, the Drought Plans includes provision for exemptions on health and safety grounds, for watering for strictly limited periods.

This means that cricket clubs need to secure an agreement to water their pitches from their water company. The England & Wales Cricket Board is making representations on behalf of the game to both the water companies and to both DEFRA and the DCMS. A brief guidance note of the issues and tips on operating under a ban is attached and can also be found on

ECB strongly urges all clubs to begin a dialogue with their water company now.

The important factors that the ECB recommends a club includes in its submission to their local water company are:

The number of members the club has, the fixtures to be played and the role the club plays as part of the local community offering sporting and social inclusion to all including young people

That the request is for limited watering of the square only, which will take place in the early morning or late evening when watering is most efficient

That the club is conscious of the need to save water and will work to address this in partnership with the ECB which recently commissioned a report from Cranfield University on this policy measure. If you already have measures in place to save water then please state these.

That watering the pitch is important for both the safety of participants in the sport and the long term sustainability of the square

·That precedent in previous drought order has permitted limited watering of cricket pitches.

For more information follow this link to Southern Water:

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