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Win a Bowdry’s Water Hog Woth £600

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As part of a potential new future offer to clubs on saving money, we are trying to gauge consumption figures and have a better indication of actual costs.

As an incentive for clubs to complete this 10 minute survey we are offering each club that completes the survey the opportunity to be entered in to a free prize draw to win one of 80 Bowdry’s (water hogs), cost approx. £600 each

Clubs will require their current accounts and utilities bills to complete the survey so I would be grateful if you would please encourage the treasurer at clubs within your County/League to complete this as this may help them financially in the future.

Examples of some of the questions are:

- Current consumption of - Water, surface water, gas, electricity (individually)
- Current cost of - water, surface water, gas, electricity (individually)
- Total cost of running your club per annum
- Has the cost of gas, electricity and water gone up in the last 2 years? Y/N for each
- The top 5 areas that cost your club money (from a list provided)
- The top 5 areas where your club would like to save money (from a list provided)


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